Monday, 3 March 2014

Make money online with out investing

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Friday, 9 November 2012

So which is Katrina's favourite place in India

So which is Katrina`s favourite place in India

Katrina Kaif has been a globetrotter thanks to the number of shoots that take place in foreign locales.

However, her affinity towards India comes out when she is asked about an unforgettable moment she had while making her upcoming film.

She tells us, "Ladakh was such a beautiful place. The mountains covering on all the four sides with a picturesque lake in the middle. I just stood there gazing at the way nature is or is supposed to be.

It was the perfect cinematic moment though the cameras weren't rolling. Interestingly, when we were about to start the shoot, wind blew and it started raining. We all ended up huddling under the bridge.`

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Katrina Kaif voted the sexiest woman for fourth time

Bollywood star Katrina Kaif has been named as the world's sexiest woman for the fourth year in a row in a magazine poll.

The 27-year-old actress beat Hollywood stars like Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Blake Lively as well as her Bollywood contemporaries, in a magazine poll which was based entirely on online and SMS voting.

"I am really excited with the news since it means people are not voting for me only based on my physical looks. They are looking at me in entirety," Katrina said.

When asked what sexy means to her, she said, "Being sexy is not about the clothes. The sexiest thing is not trying. For me to wear a cotton sari, be without makeup and to still be desirable is sexy."

The most Googled actress with the maximum downloads, also joined the group of world divas like Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross and Beyonce Knowles when she became the Indian face for the Barbie at the iconic doll's 50th Birthday celebrations of in 2009.
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